Building Structures

Structural Steel Structures

Light-Gage Steel Structures

Reinforced Concrete Structures

Pre-Stressed Concrete Structures

Post-Tensioned Concrete Structures

Masonry Structures

Wood-Framed Structures

Heavy Timber Structures

Fiber Reinforced Polymers


Special Structures

Theatrical Rigging

Aluminum Structures

Historic Structures

 Cast & Wrought Iron

 Carbon Fiber Reinforcement



 Change of Use

Specialist Tenant Fit-out


 Floor strengthening


 Structural design of art pieces

 Artwork Foundations and Support

Site Structures:

 Monument/Signage Structures

 Skate Park Structures

Exhibition Structures

Terrorist Mitigation Structures

Dynamic and Moving Structures

Blast Resistant Structures

Avalanche Resistant Structures


BIM and 3d Modelling

REVIT Structure Modelling

Integrated Project Delivery

Digital Design to Fabrication

Integration of Complex Forms from Rhino and Maya

Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis


Advanced Building Structures

Cable and Tensile Structures

Long Span Structures

Tower Structures

Post-tensioned Steel Structures

Tension-Ribbon Structures

King-Post Structures

Cantilevered Masonry Structures

Post-Tensioned Masonry

Architecturally Exposed Steel


Glazing and Façade Structures

Curtainwall and Façade Structures

Structural Glass Members




Sustainable Structures

Rammed Earth and Compressed Earth Block


Structural Insulated Panels

Insulated Concrete Forms

Shallow Frost Protected Foundations

Advanced Framing



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